Old Miners Days

On 10/2/2010, Jill and I went to Viburnum, MO, for the yearly Old Miners Days festival.

We're here.
P1060569.jpg P1060581.jpg

Large vehicles were on display in the parking lot of the shopping center that hosted the festival.

They are larger than they seem from a distance. I could reach the dumper, but for Jill it was a stretch.
P1200736.jpg P1200744.jpg P1060649.jpg

I climbed up to take a look at the cab.

Although it was a chilly, gray day, there was enough light to make lots of reflections in the glass. Oh well.
P1060630.jpg P1060631.jpg P1060632.jpg

Jill stayed below and took pics.

When I came back down, I took photos of some of the literature.
P1060636.jpg P1060637.jpg P1060638.jpg P1060639.jpg

A few style pics...
P1060641.jpg P1200726.jpg P1200728.jpg P1200734.jpg

This "Hotrod" was near the mine vehicles.
P1060611.jpg P1060612.jpg P1060614.jpg P1060609.jpg

So was this Bel Air.
P1060615.jpg P1060617.jpg P1060619.jpg P1060620.jpg P1060622.jpg P1060623.jpg

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