More Festival

I'm not sure what table had this sign, but it was an interesting one.

As it was so chilly, these people may have made a lot of sales.

There were also booths offering games and food.
P1060644.jpg P1060646.jpg P1060595.jpg

A local radio station was there.

The Masons were out in force. Not only did they offer food...

...they were also sponsoring a major child identification initiative.
P1060662.jpg P1060664.jpg

Doe Run had a table showing awards they had won in various mine safety and rescue competitions.

They have done well in lots of competitions.

They had a number of their awards on display.
P1200753.jpg P1060657.jpg P1060658.jpg P1060660.jpg P1200748.jpg P1200750.jpg P1200752.jpg

Rescue equipment was also on display.
P1060656.jpg P1060654.jpg P1060655.jpg P1060659.jpg

The main reason we came was to take the mine tour.

Tickets were free, but you had to sign up for a specific time slot as only about 30 people could be on the tour at any given time.

They had a large piece of galena on display.

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