ReUnion, Day 1

On 5/18/11, I travelled to NY to attend my father's 50th reunion at Union College (my 19th reunion) as a series of events were planned for that banner year. Today was a day of not much more than travel from St. Louis, MO, to Niskayuna, NY.

I flew out of Lambert, which had been hit by an EF2-class tornado in the evening of April 22. Amongst other damage, about half of all of the windows in the main terminal were broken, and it looks like they haven't replaced them yet.
P1100475.jpg P1100476.jpg P1100480.jpg

I arrived at the airport more than hour before my flight, but as it took about 40 minutes to get through security, boarding was nearly complete before I arrived at my gate. Made it, though.

My image isn't too clear, but near the lights, fans, and attendant attention buttons at each seat was a blue sign — this plane was equipped with a wireless connection, though I didn't attempt to use it.

Had to change planes in Detroit, as, clearly, Detroit is on a direct line from MO to NY. Crossing from the A to B concourses leads one through a tunnel with very funky, shifting lighting.
P1100487.jpg P1100488.jpg< P1100491.jpg

After boarding the aircraft to NY, this was my view for a while. A long while. The jetway had moved away from the aircraft, but we just sat there. Eventually, the pilot said that due to a lowering ceiling in Albany, NY, 150 lbs of extra fuel was needed in case the plane had to land at a different airport, and the additional fueling should only take 5-10 minutes. A half-hour later, the jetway moves back to the plane, and I could overhear other passengers wondering why. A woman from the airport got on, and three passengers got off. The pilot then made another announcement that, during the refueling process, too much fuel was added, so the plane was overweight — the passengers had to get off to lighten things. About 10 minutes later, we finally started to taxi to the runway to take off.

Yay. The plane is in the air. Unfortunately, 90% of the flight consisted of a white, featureless, Twilight Zone-ish view out the window. Still, we were presumably moving, which was a good thing.

This plane was much smaller than the previous one.

There were a few gaps in the clouds as we got close to our destination — that might be a Finger Lake down there, but I'm not certain. As we were landing, the pilot apologized again for the overfueling, calling it an "embarassment." Oh well.
P1100501.jpg P1100504.jpg

Speaking of flying Delta... The food they provided on each plane consisted of one packet of peanuts per flight. That's fine...

...but note the ingredients and warning on the back.

Seriously, what kind of culture do we have in which that warning is necessary?