In the afternoon of 12/31/10, in the unseasonably warm and unstable weather, several tornadoes touched down in south St. Louis County — as the KMOV weather report from 9 AM on Friday morning stated, "some of the storms could be strong to severe." On 1/2/11, Jill and I drove down Lindbergh Blvd. in Sunset Hills, where an F3-class tornado did localized, but considerable, damage.

Our first view of the damage was seen as we approached Growler's Pub, located at 3811 South Lindbergh. Growler's itself didn't appear to be damaged, but the building just beyond it was.
P1080681.jpg P1080679.jpg

Growler's had a sign on their door stating that they would be closed until January 4 for damage assessment, though.

The building just south of Growler's is Richey's Auto Repair, at the corner of Chrisann Lane, and they had noticeable roof damage.
P1080682.jpg P1080685.jpg

Still driving southward, the next building on Lindbergh is an SSM imaging center — it was destroyed. Google StreetView shows what it used to look like.
ssm.jpg P1080690.jpg P1080688.jpg P1080694.jpg

It got still worse beyond the SSM building. A damaged house can be seen behind a fallen power line — we had heard that part of Lindbergh was closed due to the downed lines.

The street behind the SSM building is Court Drive, and police were keeping the street closed.
P1080695.jpg P1080699.jpg

We could see why. All of the houses were damaged. Again, Google StreetView shows how badly this one is — it looks like the entire right side of the house is missing.
brownhouse3.jpg P1080698.jpg

People stood around looking at the damage.

It looks like the white house behind the brown brick house no longer stands at all. Google StreetView shows that a house was there, but we only saw wreckage.

P1080702.jpg P1080704.jpg P1080705.jpg

Just past the wreckage was this sign — maybe this is where the damage ended.